Sunday, November 13, 2011

glimpses of a sunday

Eliza's church style. So beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could do this, be this pretty.

Can she bake a cherry pie? (With a some mixed berries thrown in for good measure.) You bet she can, 'cause she knows her man will be happy. (a vegan compromise on my part) The grandparents will be, too, when we go to their house after supper.

Day for reading those novels, the Sunday paper, New Testament with the children right before bed.

Day for pulling the board games out. Isaac can sure count on Dad.

What made your Sunday special?


  1. putting together 50 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child at church, a hike with my family and a showing of the film 58: at church (with a fantastic response at the end). I feel blessed beyond measure right now.

  2. your pie looks amazing! wow.

    your day sounds like it was just right. here's to a new week :)