Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Don't... (Or, Keepin' It Real)

I'm not perfect. It's a fact. If you might be inclined to see me as Wonder Woman, let's just set the record straight. It's good to keep it real, you know.

Here's just a few:

~I don't mop my kitchen floor. Hardly ever. Heck, the wood is a good camouflage.

~I don't budget.

~I don't keep my mouth shut or my hand down in Sunday School. Sometimes the teacher gets annoyed with this opinionated woman. Like last Sunday, if we're getting specific.

~I don't have Isaac shower/bathe as much as he should.

~I don't care if my hair is gray. (I don't know any other woman who doesn't color her hair. Especially if they are as young as me with all this pre-mature graying.) Or man-short.

~I don't schedule my kid's visits to the dentists regularly. It's a good thing they have good teeth otherwise.

~I don't seem to have the drive or motivation to run like I used to. Not sure what this cold, dark, wet weather will do to me.

~I don't have the discipline to stay out of Isaac's Halloween candy bag. I'm talking chocolate. Even though I find the dietary discipline to being pretty much vegan. Why?

~I regret the stinging anger that comes out of my mouth.

~I don't use a new spoon when I need to taste (More than once. Don't tell anyone.) the pot.

~I don't read my scriptures every day. It's been an issue all my life.

~Sometimes when I see an acquaintance at the store, I'll turn around before they see me and walk down another aisle (avoidance) just so I don't have to talk. This is so dumb.


  1. Emily, I love this! You are brilliant : )

  2. Sorry, nice try, I still think you're amazing.

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  4. Keeping it real is even more perfect. You do some pretty super things and your hair is beautiful. If mine were evenly graying, I'd let it do its thing.

    Sometimes I avoid people just because I don't want them to notice my cart contents. :)

  5. Soo neat...I could place a few of yours on my own list.

  6. You are so darling! You are one of the most REAL people I have ever known. Thanks for the reminder that even amazing people like you are...HUMAN! :)

  7. Ha! I thought I was the only "duck n' hide" grocery store person! It's so weird, but I'm really not an impromptu small talk kinda gal. I've been thinking of you, and will pop you an email shortly, I promise. Keep on keeping it real, Em!

  8. thanks for this! i thought i was the only one who didn't color her early-onset gray. :-) blessings to you.

  9. Refreshingly open and honest! Especially in a world that tragically over-emphasizes an impossible standard of perfection, it's crazy-comforting to share real-live imperfection with people who we simultaneously respect and admire (With good reason!). Thank you so much for having the courage to reach out and be vulnerable, so we can all do more real connecting. Love you, Emily.