Monday, November 21, 2011

monday morning ponderings

We woke up to snowfall on the ground on Saturday. Not much, but it was still beautiful and exciting. I went for a run anyway. It got us in the mood, or should I say, motivated us to go get some long overdue cold weather clothes for all the kids. (All that, plus a 8:30 pm starting time college football game most of them would be going to that night.)

You probably thought the other day, "Emily, Why in the world are those kids still wearing shorts?" It's, like, November. Baaad mom, I know. Let me tell you a secret. Poor Eliza outgrows her pants every other week and it's just so hard to find  and keep her in pants long enough for her mega tall-they go on forever- legs and that will still fit her teeny tiny waist. As far as Sam goes, well, I've had to pick my battles. (Sort of. What's the deal with teenagers being too cool to wear jackets or coats? It drives me crazy.)

After my run, I drove down to pick up Jane so she could join us. It would be everyone except Gary. Having Keith tag along for a clothes shopping expedition was the highlight. I don't remember the last time we took most of the day, all together, and went shopping and out to lunch.

Snow's long gone now and this morning I woke up to rain and cold damp.

I took Sam to a follow up appointment for his broken finger first thing this morning. Dr. suggested another x-ray to determine the possibility of him fully joining his basketball team when they have their first game next Tuesday. Just got the phone call from the doctor a little while ago. Looks like he needs two more weeks for further healing. Sam will be so disappointed, I know.

Now, I'm playing catch up at the kitchen sink with all these dishes. Sam's turn on dinner cleanup last night and it's really impossible for him to wash the big pans by hand. I don't mind. I'm half way done. Two birds with one stone, with the phone call to my mom. Usually, I'm cooking up a storm by now (Monday big cook/prep day) but it's just not going to happen today.

It will in a couple of days. I think I'm on pie duty, as usual. Still waiting to hear back from my sister if going up to the cabin for Thanksgiving is even possible with all the snow covering the mountains. We sure would love to.

Here's to a new week. One of my most favorites of the year.

Happy Monday, my friend.


  1. I noticed the shorts and thought, must be warm in utah but I also thought, Hum... I'm glad Emily lets her kids wear what they want (smile).