Friday, November 18, 2011

More Thanks-Giving: H-N

H: home, hands, health, Heather, homeschool, healing, help, hummus, handwork, hearing, heroes, heart to heart, hardwood floor, herbs, heat, holidays, holy, honesty, hearth, harvest, habit, husband, happiness, hope, hugs.

I: Isaac, Ivana, inventions, integrity, Israel, intuition, ideas, imagination, IKEA, ice cream, individual, information, intelligence, industrious.

J: Jane, jam, jazz, jeans, jalapeno, jaunts and journeys, journaling, job, Joseph, justice, joy, Jesus.

K: Keith, kindred spirits, kale, kitchen, kites, knitted, Keats, knead, knowledge, kindness, kiss.

L: Lisboa, listeners, licorice (red), lessons, lipgloss, laptop, libraries, learning, lavender, leaves, light, literature, laughter, living, loving, loved.

M: Mama, Momo, Mane, Montessori, music, marathon, movement, meditation, moon, mornings, missionaries, motherhood, maple, massages, Midway, meaningful, mothering, meekness, mercy.

N: Nana, nature, natural, nourishing, neighbors, notes, newspapers, naps, nearness, notebooks, nuts, new, needed, nice, now.


  1. Love that you put your thought in all these little graces of life! beautiful spirit you have, Emily

  2. oh my gosh. that pictures is amazing!