Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Thanks-Giving: O-T

So thankful for my sisters

O: One, oats, ocean, October, olive oil, old fashioned, order, orchards, optimism, orchestras, organization, oven, open minded.

P: Papa, patience, Portugal, Phyllis, peppermint, poetry, pink, pastry, peaches, peony, Persuasion, prophets, picnics, piano, plaid, pottery, popcorn, prayer, peace, purpose.

Q: quinoa, quilts, "Q" Scrabble tiles, quotes, quiet.

R: refine, refrigerator, run, rainy days, rainbows, relationships, recipe, red, rhythm, read, restaurant, rice, roses, roof, right, ribbon, revolution, reunion, rest, relax, release, respect, renewal, remembering, remembered.

S: Samuel, sisters, smiles, stillness, solitude, sunrise and sunset, Soul, Spirit, snowfall, support, service, scripture, school, stevia, sound sleep, singing, signs of spring, summertime, study, sewing, sweaters, strength, sunlight, Savior.

T: tax returns, toast, tulips, temple, touch, taste, tea time, testimony, truth, Tasha, Thich, thoughts, transportation, trials, talents, teaching, thinking, travel, teachers, Thai, telephone, traditions, trees, technology, trust, time, together.

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