Friday, November 25, 2011

More Thanks-Giving: U-Z

U: United States of America, Utah, UK, universe, UPS truck delivery, UDOT express lane, useful, U2 (and going to their fabuloso concert this year), unpretentious, unselfish, unity, understanding.

V: veterans, volunteers, vote, vacuum, van, violin, vegetables, vegan, voice, vision, vacations, victory.

W: water (clean, running), warmth, whole, wellness, wool(ens), walks, Waldorf, wood, weekend, ward, welcome, windows, Wisconsin, wishes, wonder, wonderful, women, work, words, Washington (the president), worship, wren, write, willingness, wisdom.

X: x-rays, Xpedx.

Y: yoga, yams, yard, YouTube, yearning, You.

Z: zinnia, zoo, zeal, zest, zen, zesty, Zion, Zupas, zzzzzzz's.

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