Thursday, November 3, 2011

thankful thursday

~for gladness filling my heart when I awakened this morning. Sometimes, it's just so there. Did the dream of playing with Isaac as a baby have anything to do with it? Was it the peace I felt, greeting a new day to stay at home and do, to choose the things I love? A welcome change after the rush of Monday's festivities, and yesterday's school secretary substituting desk job. Finding out that's not for me.

~for a little boy's gleeful squeal and tight Mommy hug when he saw that I had made cornmeal mush for breakfast. It's been awhile; nice change from too frequent oats. Warming them all up at the breakfast table on this frosty morning.

~getting into the already warmed up, defrosted van, taking the kids to the nearby school. (Another blessing.)

~putting gloves, knitted wool Mama-made beanie cap on (the first time this season) and heading on a long walk wherever heart and feet lead. Body warmed, heart pumping with those long, quick strides. Taking in the beauty all around me. Frost on the grasses, the leaves. Farmer's fields, silo towers, bellowing cows, apple orchard windfalls on the ground. Then that glorious warming sun, rising over the mountains that envelop, surround this valley. The golden light a jolt.

~for brilliant berries.

~long warm water soaks in the bath.

~remembering Sam's unexpected reaching his hand to hold mine in the car last evening. His fingers rubbing my fingers. Tenderly, affectionately. He does need me and he does love me.

~a father supporting, being there. All to understand his son.

~happy anticipation of a noon time- lunch at home time with just me and you. Here.

~the gift of a new month now in front of me. The slowing down time. The inward time. Intentions set on gratitude for simple gifts that makes my life so full, so happy. To open my eyes and my heart to see, to recognize, to feel, to be.


  1. oh, i so love this post. wonderful words.

  2. Good to have this seasons to slow down in the circle of life. I welcome these days too! And gratefully for so much comfort to go with it and the blessings of loved ones! Love these words of gratitude Emily!