Thursday, December 29, 2011

around here (holiday style)

:: lots of family togetherness. lots and lots.

:: Sammy's got a big old basketball tournament.
Excited for that fun bus trip down to Kanab and back. (wink wink)

:: "Would somebody please just do the dishes?"

:: meal time- it's a random thing.

:: never ending Settlers-a-thon

:: pajama wear day and night

:: late night movies at home and on the big screen, too.
 (we loved Hugo)

:: she gets reacquainted with the pool. Forgot how nice it is to move her body through the water.

:: she also gets friendly with those fun new camera lenses.

:: lots of time to dive into the books.

:: repeated staying up late leads to many mornings of sleeping in.

:: it's all about Finland these days.

:: weird to have Christmas without a speck of snow.

:: since Santa officially brought it to the both of them, they are naturally spending lots of time together. Robotics + Legos + Dad + computer programming = Lots o' FUN!

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  1. I was just telling my sister-in-law that i hadnt done-a-thing as far as cleaning goes. And that we have stayed up so late playing games we have slept in everyday. I wish my kitchen looked as good as yours!