Sunday, December 25, 2011



Peppermint and evergreen
Firewood and tangerine
Danish cookies, holly leaf
Cinnamon and pinecone wreath
Gingerbread and jingle bells
Almond and pistachio shells
Snow globes, Russian nesting dolls
"Silent Night" and "Deck the Halls"
Roasted chestnuts, mistletoe
Dampened mittens, tracked-in snow
Gumdrops, tinsel, Christmas crackers
Chocolates in gold foil wrappers
Snow boots, scarves, nativity
Lights strung round the Christmas tree
Story of the Christ Child's birth
Christmas all around the earth.

~ Eliza
December 2011

(One of the many poems she and Isaac
gifted this year to their mom and dad.
Come back tomorrow and I'll share more!)


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  2. Oh the gift of words! Beautiful pics, Emily! Your mom's talented to create a cozy Christmas should nickname her Christmas fairy but then again is so much more than that!