Friday, December 30, 2011

come away

with me,

and we'll ride in a truck
and eat at the Cheesecake Factory
and we'll be satisfied even without the cheesecake part
and you'll say that sweater would look nice on me
and we'll look at dishes and stuff at Crate and Barrel
and we're both fine without buying anything
and I'm glad you like to look as much as I do
and we'll walk downtown in the dark
with all those pretty twinkly white lights
and you'll hold my hand
and we'll eat a late dinner
at that nice Thai place
they told us about
and we both comment how much
we like this smiling server man
and we call home
because we love them so much
and we share
and we talk
and we see
and you tell me that I'm beautiful
and we dream
and we wake up late
and we take cold showers
and we eat
and I give you my bacon
and we eat again when you take me to that vegan bakery
because you know I like to do that kind of stuff
and we talk about what we've learned this year
and we get me my planner calender
and we see that War Horse movie
because you wanted to please me
even more.

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