Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come Join Us At Wholefood Kitchen Online Workshop!

So pleased and excited to share this with all of my friends.

You may recall me raving about my experiences and participation in lovely Heather's, of Beauty That Moves, 30 Day Vegan online workshop. I had been interested in basing my diet more heavily on plant foods, and the idea of going (mostly) vegan for a time of cleansing and renewal was something that intrigued me. I gleaned so much from my participation last spring, that when it was offered again in the late summer, I couldn't pass up another opportunity for more inspiration, information, motivation, incredible recipes, and online community support. I can't praise these courses enough. Every part of it life changing. And that's no exaggeration!

Now, Heather is offering a three month Whole Food Kitchen Online Workshop held February 6 - April 29 2012. Geared and designed for all of us average folks who desire to eat healthier (and that should be everyone, don't you think?) , build our pantries around whole foods, and learn the tools and tricks of the trade in making eating and cooking this way a lifestyle for ourselves and our families. An amazing amount of beautiful inspiration and support woven throughout.

I've been honored to be one of the contributing writers to this program. One of  nine down-to-earth, real life moms who will share the hows and the whys of  implementing the whole foods way of life.

So come and join us, won't you? I couldn't think of a better gift to give yourself and your family this holiday season. We all want better health, and it all starts with what we feed our bodies every single day. You won't regret or be disappointed participating in this workshop, I can guarantee that. It'll be worth every penny.

And another bonus: If you register now until Tuesday the 13th, you can sign yourself up and bring along a friend for free! What a great gift idea! 

Go here for details.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Hi Emily, I'm thinking of partipating, but I wonder what sort of time or financial (other than the workshop) commitment it would end up being? I'd like to go more in this direction, but I have two small children (and work outside the home) and wonder if I have time. What do you think?

  2. My best advice to you would be to read through the comments section on the link to Heather's blog. A lot of folks were wondering the same thing. I think I remember seeing her reply to someones comment that she may do a Q and A post soon to answer some common questions and concerns. I do know that the workshop will remain open for 30 more days after it officially ends. You can certainly do it at your own pace, and get what you can out of it. I know she's designed it for the majority of us busy moms- stay at home or working outside the home. There will be suggestions for things to add to a whole foods pantry and for the recipes she'll offer. If you can't get a hold or of an ingredient, that's certainly not going to be a big problem. I'm sure there will be a lot of flexibility. You do what works for you. Hope that helps.