Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 1


We're starting to feel it. I'm officially starting to feel it.
And that's a good thing.
Without any prodding, I found myself listening to Christmas music last night while making dinner.
"Swing" holiday style on Pandora. Oh, and some Vince Guaraldi
Charlie Brown.
 It was nice.

We brought up the decoration bins, too.
After all, it's the 1st day of December.
We hung up the beloved felt Advent calendar my cousin made us the first year we were married.
Mary is pulled out first.

Twinky, the elf that has visited all the children in my extended matriarchal family for almost 50 years now, comes to our home early in the morning on the first day of December.
He leaves his little surprises underneath the Advent calendar.
Today, the children each received their own chocolate countdown calendar.
They always look forward to this tradition.

So happy to have found an Advent candle when we visited the House of Scandinavia in South Dakota this past summer.
I'm always on the lookout for these. They are often hard to find.

This we'll light when we'll gather at the end of each day.
To sing a carol.
To read sweet stories.
To read chosen, meaningful scriptures
about the mission of our Lord.

It brought me a lot of joy making our Advent wreath this afternoon.
All with materials gathered from our yard.
I know that it's easier to go out and buy an artificial wreath at the craft store, but there's absolutely no comparison with the natural beauty, the heavenly scent, and the satisfaction I felt in making something out of my own hands.

I was so pleased with the way it turned out.
(Here's last year's tutorial.)

So much symbolism in a wreath.
The circle, one eternal round with no beginning, no end.
Symbol of eternity.
The holly representing the cruel thorns crowning the Savior's head.
The red of the berries and the candles, reminding us of His blood, spilt so freely.
This infinite, atoning sacrifice.
And the white candle. 
The last of the four Sabbath candles we'll light throughout the month.
Saved to burn on Christmas Day.
Chosen to remind us of the purity, grace, and hope of eternal life we each receive through Him,

The Light of the World.


  1. okay, we never did the advent thing when I was a child. I read about it on so many blogs. It is something I wished I would have started when my kids were young. your wreath did turn out really nice.

  2. Joy! The wreath is beautiful! I have to come and gather some pine branches from your yard if you allow me, for my door!

  3. We have an advent candle each year, but I am terrible with it. It has become a family joke, as I forget and burn three days at once and then forget to light it for a few days and have to catch up. Maybe this year will be the year I actually manage to burn the right amount each day!