Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 12

Spent the day out and about. Lingering, taking my time at the library. Treating myself to lunch. These were just accents, though. The main purpose of my outing brought a lot of happiness to my heart. Truly. This, the tradition passed down of anonymous giving we vowed to carry on when we began our family. Set in stone when we were once the recipients that Christmas we'll never forget.

We're all excited for tomorrow night.

So proud of our Eliza today. She took 2nd place in her schoolwide geography bee. Geography is a family forte; a family tradition. (Does some of that reflect my own love for this subject? I think the homeschool emphasis played a big factor, too.) Gary and Sam both qualified for the state bee and placed within the top ten finalists both years they competed. Jane got 2nd place in her school when she was in 8th grade. So you can see why this book is so tattered and torn.
It's always fun when a little friend comes over for a visit.

This "shopper's reward" certificate I got in the mail sure will come in handy in the next few weeks. Don't know what I'd do without Costco.

Pizza for dinner. It's been a while. (I won't show you the third. Black, carbon. Burned to an absolute crisp while I was uploading my pictures just now. Should have set the timer.)

Even though the dinner dishes aren't done, I think we'll wind up the evening with a short little Christmas movie Twinky brought the other night~  Christmas For A Dollar. (Based on a book by the same name,)

Hoping you are finding joy in your days, too, my friend.


  1. One of the pleasures of life is trading the dishes in the sink for a good family cuddling activity! Keep the spirit of Christmas going...

  2. Emily, we love geography in our house, too. We never had a geography bee in our school. Congratulations to Eliza! How is she feeling?

  3. Hi Jennifer! Eliza is still trudging along. We go to the kidney specialist on Friday and he'll be able to interpret the lab work and urine tests that were done this past weekend. We hope to get some answers soon. xo