Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 13

Winter Wonderland

 When the first snowfall comes,
and the ice is like glass,
you hardly can get the right moment to look outside.
Sometimes when you do,
you can see, why, Santa Claus gliding wonderfully, gracefully, through the sky.

~ a poem by Isaac

I just love Isaac's teacher. She had recently gone back to school to get a teaching degree. She's a mom about my age. Every once in a while she'll send me little emails, giving me glimpses of his progress and the victories of his days. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this personal attention. What it means to me. 

The other day she said she just had to let me read some of the poems that were in his writing journal. A journal not intended for poems, just for chronicling the days. She was surprised to see this from a seven year old little boy. I not so much. He went though a stage last year in his homeschool journal where he wrote little poems quite often. He was immersed with the language and beauty from the poems we'd read daily. He could see the joy that this type of creative expression has given Eliza, Keith, and even me.

When I told him that Mrs. Mensson sent them for me to read, and that he really was developing a talent for poetry, a big smile brightened his face and he said, "I just didn't know I had it in me!"

How beautiful it was to see snow this morning. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever really snow, now that Christmas is almost upon us. It sure put me in the MOOD.

Keith has committed to drinking green smoothies daily. This makes me happy.

 The kids and I held our breath as we drove to school this morning, waiting for our old van to break down any minute with all that rattling noise we heard. (Good thing I had a feeling to get dressed. I've been known to drive carpool in my nightgown. With my coat over, of course.) Ended up being the muffler, dangling by a thread onto the road as we drove. Glad Keith could rescue me and that he's a guy who can take care of these kinds of repairs.

He took me to pick up my monthly Azure delivery. Love being able to pay less than I would at the health food store for a myriad of "natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products"- all for no membership fee and no contract or obligation to order every month. I, along with about 10 other families meet at a drop off point about ten minutes away from my house the second Tuesday of every month. I've loved being able to build up my food supply this way.

To give you more of an idea, today's order among other things included a 50 lb. bag of thickly cut oats ($25 is a good deal) which will last us a good, long time, 10 lbs. of brown rice spaghetti noodles, 2 lbs. of coconut milk powder (planning on making a hot cocoa mix for the non-dairy people).

And you couldn't find nicer folks than Darrell (Santa) and his sweet daughter Caroline who deliver the goods with a smile every month.

It was a nice, cozy morning to spend time in the kitchen baking. The granola jar is empty and needed filling.

Needed to make something to fill the tin for tonight's secret surprise drop off. Almond Linzertorte Thumbprint cookies sounded good.

I think I'll freeze the rest to enjoy on Christmas Day.

P.S. It would sure be nice if you and I could sit down together at the table to nibble on a cookie and share a cup of tea (or glass of milk). I would totally go for that.

Let's just pretend, okay?

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  1. Well, I am sitting here with a fresh cup of tea and I've baked some cookies today too. Shall I go eat one and pretend you are on the other side of the screen doing the same? smile