Monday, December 19, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 19

I'm pooped. 
A happy kind of pooped, if you know what I mean.

You would call it a major shopping day. And I mean major. Not only gifts for extended family and our immediate family, but groceries as well. Besides a few little incidentals and Gary's gifts that we'll go pick out together on Thursday- I just about have things wrapped up. Boy, does that bring me joy.

I felt a little guilty leaving the kids home to fend for themselves, this being their first day out and all. It would have made more sense for me to go when they were in school. In the last few years, I've seemed to leave things until the last week.  

I think the biggest factor was waiting to use the big 20% alumni coupon on everything purchased at the university bookstore. What a store this is. Three floors of everything from electronics, books for all ages, clothing, art, craft, and school supplies- you name it, they've got it. Basically one stop shopping. Yay for me! Anyway, that sale started today. The savings sure add up when you buy for a large family like ours.

From what I can tell, our gifting is pretty straightforward. We've always given a nice book to the children for Christmas. A pair of new pajamas. (In the good old days, I'd make them.) The kids draw names and give to each other. The pajamas and these gifts for each other are opened on Christmas Eve. I like to get them something new to wear. Most of the years, I make something for each of them. I'm finding that it's becoming harder as they get older. So many ideas when they were little. We give games, movies, and more books as "family gifts". Santa brings the "biggie" or special item pined for, and of course, fills their stockings.

What kinds of gifts do you like to give in your family?
Have you got all your shopping done?


  1. Oh, I'm heading out today for some last minute finishing up! :)

    We too for years have given books & Christmas PJs. The children are always thrilled by these. Family gifts (ones we can all enjoy) are in store for this year. Must. finish. shopping. :)

    Merry Christmas to you & yours!

  2. finished up yesterday. let the wrapping begin!!