Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 2

This day seemed to have a theme to it:

Doing good is good.
And it feels good, too.

The school librarian was sick.
She called me last night to see if I could do story time with the 2nd and 3rd graders.
I said I'd love to.
 Reading to children is one of my greatest happys.

I think you can see it in my face right here.

What a wonderful book to talk about and read.
All about how one ordinary little girl changed the world by doing one little good deed.
Her extraordinary kindness to just one person multiplied,
starting a chain of goodness and happiness and love and service reaching billions.
How just one person can make a difference.

I believe in this.

I can't think of a bigger thrill than seeing those children's wide eyes looking up at me, 
the wonder,
 involving themselves in this story.

Can it be true? Can a little kid really change the world?

We talked about doing good.
That doing good doesn't come from a store.
Doesn't cost money.
It's simple, really.
Just from your heart.
That's all.
They thought about the idea.
Then they wrote down a marvelous deed done to them.
What marvelous deed they could do for another.
A whole school project.
All taped up on the walls.

School was over and we drove on home.
Walked up to the door, perplexed to find a longish package.
And addressed to me, even.

Oh, my.
Flowers and even a box of chocolates
all from a "not so secret admirer".
I swallowed hard.
To be remembered.
First time in my life to have flowers delivered by mail,
flowers delivered to the door,
Someone's good deed now making this heart full.

Night came on and I made soup and formed the loaves and I fixed a smoothie.
Hoping to bring some joy and comfort to my neighbor sick with pneumonia.
(I've been there, so I know.)

My arms laden, walking down the street in the dark.
 Lightened, heart full
once again,
this time with the giving part.

And can you believe as I was beginning to leave her home,
she holds out her hands,
offering two free tickets to an event we
were already planning on taking the kids to tomorrow afternoon.
And she didn't even know it.

So you see,
it passes on.


  1. Paying forward - Heaven's economy is good!

  2. that is quite a story. and you look so at ease up there reading to the kids. good everything :)

  3. I used to work in a school and I still miss reading to the children, it was a joy to me.