Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 3

Sights of the Season...
And We Make a Little Merry

Carefree day-
the raking of leaves,
the home chores undone,
 the getting of trees,
the decking of  halls...
It all can wait.
Time to be together.
Chance to build memories.
 A "Festival of Trees". 
The chosen outing.
An ushering in to this holiday season.
Benefiting sweet little ones,
those in need at the state children's hospital.
A good cause we like to support.
 Always love, look forward to the gingerbread village, too.
We take our time.
We follow their lead.

Later, we all meet for Chinese. 
Big kids, even.
Mama and Papa, welcomed.
Celebration dinner.

1 comment:

  1. what a great day. those trees look amazing and the picture of your whole family is priceless :)