Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 4


I walked off the podium last Sunday and my Mom hugged me.

"You've just blossomed, Emily."

Recalling those long ago days when she'd type my high school papers. How difficult it was for me to express myself then. How beautiful now, with so much ease, she said.

And last night at the restaurant as she saw my plate full of vegetables: "You used to never like them before," her comment.

"I guess I've changed, Mom." I smiled.

These transformations have been on my mind quite a bit lately. Long before the ones observed and voiced by my mother this week.

You just never know how your life can change. The things you used to find impossible, out of reach and strange all becoming part of you now. A metamorphosis, really.

That I could lose weight. And be comfortable with my body now.
That I could run a marathon. Or even like to run. For fun.
That I would love to write. Not only like it, but need to.
That I'd find an interest, a talent in photography.
That I'd crave vegetables more than any other food. And make a lifestyle out of it.

If you would have told me even five years ago these things, I never would have believed you.


In the quiet moments of my days, I find myself pondering quite a bit about my personal growth. Where I was then. Where I'm at right now. Wondering, curious about the Emily I'll become in future years. The unforeseen, altering of me that I know will come with time.

And that's an exciting, happy thing to think about.


  1. These are fun posts....I have a theme of Joy this month, too! : )

  2. I totally get you on the 'need to write'! Love the list.

  3. and you captured that lilly (right?) so perfectly. I like this post of self-reflection.

  4. lily not lilly :)

  5. Carpae dium! The secret of enjoying journeys! Yours is a full and blessed one!