Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 8

On Keeping Warm,
My Greens Craving Is Satisfied (In More Ways Than One),
And We Hear The Children Singing

I've been so cold lately. We've had temperatures in the mid to lower 20's (even colder in the mornings) and I'm having a hard time staying warm. Too wimpy to go out running. Who could blame me? Just trying to listen to my body and honor what it's telling me.

Whether it's wrapping myself in a warm throw, putting an extra quilt on the bed at night, and propping up socked feet near the fireplace in the daytime. And hot tea. Thank goodness for hot tea.

Extremely hungry this week, too. I found myself craving greens all morning, not smoothie greens, but warm greens.

 Warmth is what I want.

That bunch of Swiss chard was calling my name. So for lunch, I ate the entire bunch (yes, all at one sitting), sauteed with lots of garlic and topped it over some brown rice and curried chickpeas.

Oh, baby.

Other greens were on my mind today, too. Brought some evergreen cuttings in from the yard, as well as the armful of holly branches Phyllis brought over just because. How did she know that I'm in love with this holly?

The mantle turned out picture perfect. Oh, the smell of pine.


I was so relieved to finally put up the tree. It's really starting to feel like Christmas around here now.

My mom made these cornhusk dolls when I was about five years old. She gave them to me when I got married and they always bring me back to the magical  Christmases of my childhood.

They are a treasure.

The children's school choirs performed tonight at our local Barnes and Noble bookseller. Eliza took her turn at the gift wrapping station with the student council.

That was a neat opportunity for her.

How can you not be happy looking at this boy right here?

One of my all time favorite pictures of Isaac.

The older choir tenderly sang Grown Up Christmas List. Have you ever heard this song? I love these lyrics. My eyes filled with tears as I looked into each of those hopeful, innocent faces.

How lucky we were to see Santa over in the children's section. This was the perfect opportunity to have a visit. Isaac agreed with me that he seemed like the real deal. Or maybe he could be one of the elves. 

You just never know.


  1. Good morning! That dish looks so delicious. We're having collards tonight and I can't wait. Your tree is beautiful. What a coincidence that Z was just showing me a picture of a doll she wanted to make - a cornhusk doll! I told her I didn't know where to get cornhusk to make it - do you know?

    I always get teary eyed when I hear certain Christmas songs. We are caroling next weekend and looking forward to that.

    Have a beautiful (warm) day!

  2. Good Morning Jennifer! You asked about the corn husks. Here in Utah, we have a lot of Mexican specialty food stores all over, plus we can find them in their own aisle in every grocery store.(used for tamale making)

    We've made them in homeschool-with a little bit of assistance from me- when we were learning about early Americana. You have to let them soak so they become pliable. I still marvel at how perfectly detailed and beautiful my mom's are.

    Caroling- that is becoming a lost art. How fun for your family.

    I just re read your last night's email. I love that we are friends. xo

  3. all of it - beautiful :)

  4. It's beginning to look a lot like a Wonderful Christmas! The photos are beautiful!