Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding Joy~ Day 9

A Few Friday Glimpses and Thoughts

I puttered around this morning. Nightgown stayed on until the blogs and paper read, the big bowl of fruit eaten, the dishes done, the dough set to rise, the two big mugs of tea enjoyed. A very unrushed, peaceful way to begin my morning.

Some tidying up was in order, as is always the case, and I did as much as I thought I should be responsible for. The rest will await the children tomorrow. A few little Christmas touches were put in place and that felt good.

Time was spent, as usual for a Friday, shelving library school books. We all came home and both Eliza and I napped for a little while. Isaac was deeply engaged in the Christmas Mad Libs we picked up last night, and a paper and pencil game he invented.

We are still very concerned about Eliza. Her urination issues ran deeper today. Deep enough for the doctor to suggest going to the emergency room late this afternoon. Some test results came back negative, which is a relief, and the rest we wait on and undergo, at home, until Sunday. Our plan is to see a nephrologist early next week.

There is a sense of peace, though, even in the uncertainty and the not knowing. Taking each day as it comes, and seeing all that's good, all that's beautiful in these days. And there's so much of that.

Joy bringer. 


  1. Love those beautiful home touches you bestow on your home at Christmastime. I thought about Eliza all day, I am glad you're going to see the specialist! I am glad that you can find serenity in your core - so essential to withsatnd times as this. Loves! Put her name in the temple roll thursday!

  2. i hope and pray they find an answer. There is nothing worse than seeing our kids not feeling well. have a restful weekend.