Wednesday, December 28, 2011

from our hearts to his

What a gift of love. Something he will treasure his whole life long.

She wanted to make his Christmas special. She wanted to give him something that would mean so much. Something unforgettable.

And that's what she did.

It was a big secret we were all sharing. She arranged with her video savvy friend to film all of us. His Papa. His Mama. His Mom. His Dad. The people who've known him all his life and love him the most. She wanted us to share our hearts with him. Our feelings, words of love, kind encouragement, wise council, tender memories. Things that he could always draw from. Things that would give him strength in the days and years to come.

Such a special gift to have this beautiful record. This record of not only voice and video, but the expressions, the nuances, the emotions behind the words spoken, the tone and the beauty and the feeling.

I can't think of a more meaningful, thoughtful gift.

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