Monday, December 26, 2011

their gift of love

Keith and I received a gift on Christmas Eve that we will never forget. Created and given with such sweetness, such tenderness, such love. Both of them (Eliza age 13 and Isaac age 7) working secretly only last week on something to surprise me, they said. So excited and joyful those two, together.

And when I opened this little book, a collection of Christmas poems each of them authored, complete with Isaac's sweet rendering of the stable scene on its cover, I was just so overcome. With wonder. With amazement. So touched that they each have found happiness, true talent in writing. In expressing so creatively and sensitively, their feelings, impressions, and interpretations of this beautiful season.

I knew I just had to share some of them with you. 

I think they just might melt your heart, too.  

The Wise Men

The Wise men come,
Traveling far,
To find the star.
They travel on camels,
A row of three,
To find the child
Who saved you and me.
~ Isaac

The Star

Wise men riding,
Oxen lowing.
~ Isaac

The Shepherds

The shepherds, while tending their flock,
Know not of the signs that announce Jesus' birth.
The angels tell them that the child is born
To see the star
The light from afar.

The Elves

The elves, though tiny and small,
Are very smart, but not very tall.
They work in their workshop until it's time for bed
And it's weird how they all wear red.
The workshop is always full
And their lives are never dull.


The Christmas plant
Has red leaves, green,
Veins like lace,
A pearly sheen.
The red is blood
Our Savior gives.
The green is life-
Our Savior lives!


Blue cheeks
Blue nose
Blue lips
Blue toes
We are cold
As cold can be
But I am warm
Inside of me.

The Hands of Joseph

Worn rough with years of work.

They tear strips of cloth to wrap a baby in.

Though so strong,
So rough-looking,
They are gentle, kind.

They press Mary's palm,
The large thumbs
Rub back and forth on her fingers
To soothe her through the pain.
They brush back her hair
So she can nurse her baby.

These hands
Are those of a carpenter,
A worker,
A husband,
A father.

They are the hands
Of a good man.

They are hands
Full of love.

Where Among the Angels

Where among the angels
Were you on that night?
Were you in the heavens
Polishing stars bright?
Were you in the choir
Learning how to sing?
Did you come to children
And tell them of a King?

Were you in the pastures
Comforting the sheep?
Did you sit by Mary
And help her fall asleep?
Did you spread glad tidings
Of the wondrous birth
To each and every person
Across the Father's earth?

Did you leap and shout for joy
And shine your holy light?
Were you among the angels
Were you on that night?


  1. Love these samples! A gift of themselves - You know that they have learned that at the home you nurture - Must feel really good, Emily!

  2. your kids are amazing Emily!