Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gratitude Wednesday

:: sunlight streaming, shining down on warm pancakes.

:: drawn out science fair project completion.

:: full moon ball hovering near the horizon.

:: a fresh new bouquet of beauty-cheer gracing the kitchen table.

::his feet warming mine.

:: trailing and one second left to go three-point victory shots.

:: teenage boy son's emerging biceps. 

:: not getting over this gift of love from the hands and the heart of this potter man we've never met. Believing it would make her, especially, happy. Happy enough for tears. And hearing that it did, tears filling his own eyes.

::deadline met with relief and satisfaction.

:: getting to be the Star of the Week.

:: the luxury of having time to shell the peanuts Santa left in the foot of their stockings.

:: a bursting pantry and fridge.

:: having a neighbor generously let you, freezing and sweaty and it's morning, hang out in her house for awhile because you got locked out after your run. 

:: knowing that a bowl of kale for lunch will make a her a very happy camper.

:: the wonder of puffing, bubbling tortillas frying on the griddle.

:: the excitement, the dreams coming true for two college students this new semester.
Ballet for her and Hebrew for him.

:: seeing the look on his face as he walked in the door, she prepared for what would come next. Knowing in her heart, feeling real peace, that whatever would happen today, they'd be still be okay.
And when she called him at lunchtime, a mix of emotion. So grateful he still has his job after all. Making it year after year of those rounds of layoffs. Concerned and praying and hoping for all his friends and their families.

And once again, she feels so humbled getting to live such a blessed, rewarding life full of abundance and freedom and joy.

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