Saturday, January 14, 2012

a journal entry

Remembered, on opening my eyes, that I was alone in the bed. Woke up several times in the night. Cozy, though, in my little nest with the extra warmth from the quilt pulled up. Not that I needed much more, as I noticed on going out to get the paper (my weather gauge, it seems)  that there was no real sign of frost on the windshield.

Keith has been gone since Thursday. This pattern of him going away to assist in the care of his dad will continue now every week for the rest of the month and into the first part of February. (Yes, I'm trying to gear up.) After being on a plateau for so long, Grandpa is showing signs of steady decline; becoming weaker and weaker as the days go by. Grateful Keith has this opportunity, that his company has been so accommodating to let him work "from home" while he's there to serve his dad that he loves so much. 

After some time puttering about, Isaac, who was up by this time, and I decided to head back up to my bed for some snuggles. Still on cloud nine from yesterday and asked me "if it was all a dream". (Smile)

The sun was up by this time and Eliza was, too. Time for me to head out for a run. What a beautiful day. The sun shining warmly, there was no need for a jacket. I felt strong; could have gone longer than my typical 6 miles, but I didn't feel the need today.

We've been experiencing spring like weather around these parts. I can't remember the last time it snowed, and I'm noticing the usual January white mountains aren't so white any more. It's kind of worrisome thinking what all this will mean for our water situation, but in many ways, I like it. I am concerned, though, seeing things start to bud so early.

Can't really put my finger on it, but I've just felt a tad bit on the melancholy side today. I think it started last night when I found out that our dear elderly neighbor Boyd passed away late that afternoon. This couple, along with their daughter and her family who also live on our street are neighbors that we've become close to over the years.

On seeing several cars parked in front of the home today and last night, I wasn't sure if a visit from me would be more intrusive than helpful. I went ahead and purchased a beautiful planter, communicated my concern and love with a card and dropped it off at the door to a kind grandson. Doing that made me feel good.

A bit more about the melancholy. I know that last night's basketball game really upset me. While I won't go into all the details, I will say that it makes me so sad, so upset when I hear parents berate, belittle, and yell at these poor, trying ever so hard sons of theirs. Being in the middle of that all evening, witnessing quite a bit of mean spirited  sportsmanship from the visiting school, and our team getting absolutely creamed both games, well, it just made for an especially negative experience.

Good thing Sammy and I ended the night on a good note with our late night burger and a shake jaunt. 

Back to today. I guess you'd call it while the cat's away, the mice will play. Not that Keith is the taskmaster as far as Saturday chores go (that's usually me). But I will say that it was a pretty laid back kind of day. The highlight being a trip to the good old library, filling our trusty cart with goodies to tide us over this long weekend.

Among other things, I picked up a book on Japanese cookery (which I devoured this afternoon.) and since I haven't been able to get sushi out of my mind for the past few weeks... well, it's obvious what would be on the menu for tonight.

We had a little version of our own Japanese party, Eliza and Isaac, and I. First time ever attempt at sushi making. Very fun. Why did I wait so long? Eliza made our favorite spicy dipping sauce to go along, and the accompanying miso soup I put together at the last minute sure hit the spot. I'm so happy that these two have turned out to be good eaters, willing to try the new and the different.

Now, as I write, they are off watching Tangled for the first time and Sam is visiting a friends house. As soon as I wrap this up, I'll  head up for my own movie time.


  1. Your family senses are well traveled! I love the way you broad the fronteirs in the kitchen! Always bitter that taste of seing parents at their worst and never really getting were the value of things are, I am glad to know you made it a bonding experience for you and Sam! I need winter, plants need their slumber and rest even for a short while but I enjoy the sun today too!

  2. we are forecasted to get snow today. It is quite cold for us here this morning. I totally understand the game situation. I have been there many many times. Just them play is what I want to yell - really loud. Very impressive dinner. Enjoy your books and movies today. We have not seen Tangled - I need to look that up now.

  3. My family is rather involved in various team sports and while I think there are benefits to be had - the negatives you mentioned really disappoint (and disgust) me. I am glad my youngest has decided she doesn't want to play soccer like the others, partly because I'll be thrilled to spend less time on the field this spring. But also because of bad attitude from parents: sometimes the yelling at kids of even 5 and 6 years old, bad mouthing refs and yet an unwillingness to volunteer themselves to help make things better.

    What is in your sushi? It looks like a futomaki. Do you have a special rice cooker or just make sticky rice on the stove?

  4. Kika! I'm so glad you started a blog. I made my way over there about the time you first started, and it was fun for me to have a picture of you now in my mind, as well as get a feel for your life. You are beautiful!

    Yes, what you say about the team sports is exactly how I feel. I want to support my son, but sometimes it's hard being there and sacrificing a lot of time away from home and the other kids. Oh well.

    The sushi was pretty basic. The kids and I seem to prefer very simple- we just put slivers of steamed carrots and zucchini in the middle. If I had some avacado, that would have been good, too. I just made the rice on the stove, as I don't have a rice cooker. It's something I'm thinking about, though, as we eat a lot of rice. I've heard about ones that doubler as electric pressure cookers and that would be nice. I guess it's a matter of storage space.

    Thanks for the note and thanks for being here.