Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a new year before me: desires, intentions, dreams, ideas, ambitions, possiblities

A season of new beginnings.
Fresh starts.
Ideas to implement.
Desired changes.
Things to improve.
Ways to grow.

I like the sound of that, rather than the word "resolutions", don't you?

My mind tends to think along these lines not just once a year, but also at the beginning of summer and in the autumn.

I know there have been many years where I've gotten discouraged when I've set resolutions or goals that are not really achievable, too out of reach, too vague. I start out so gung ho, so enthused and excited and then when I slide or fall off the bandwagon, I think all is lost and let my ambitions go.

Thinking about all the possibilities for a more abundant and fulfilling life and then making a plan that works for me is actually very exciting instead of overwhelming.

And now as I've been thinking about this new year of 2012, I've decided that when it all boils down to it, what I really want is this:

I want to keep on the path. 
This path I'm already on.

I want to feel.
I want to see.
I want to learn.

I want to create.
I want to thank.
I want to serve.
I want to share.

I want to bless.
I want to love.

I want health.
I want calm.
I want peace.
I want joy.

Yes, this is what I really desire. The qualities, the characteristics, the life I want for me.

But I do know that this path, this journey I'm on will only become possible by making a plan. And that means:

Choosing priorities.
Finding purpose. 
Implementing habits.
Making daily choices.

And now for the nitty gritty. The specifics to making all this happen. This year of 2012, I will:

  • Feed and bless my body with whole, nutrient dense food every day.
  • Engage in some sort of physical exercise 6 days a week. This will include running, swimming, biking, and yoga. Participate and lead out in our 2012 Family Fitness Challenge. We've set the goal (those of us participating) to move our hearts and our muscles in some sort of exercise a half an hour, 4 days a week. Those who achieve this goal will be able to look forward to a Spring Break adventure in Arches National Park that will include hiking and horseback riding. Run the Ragnar Relay again this year in June. Run a half marathon in the late summer or early fall.
  • Maintain a "first things first"/"sharpen the saw" morning routine (prayer, scriptures, water, tea/smoothie, exercise, supplements.)
  • Keep on blogging. Finding joy, growth, and fulfillment in photography and writing.
  • Manage our money better by saving receipts and recording spending. Paying with cash. Maintaining a budget.
  • Learn about things that interest me: health and healing, cultures, family relationships, spirituality, philosophy, self improvement, food. 
  • Read daily for pleasure. Literature, poetry, short stories, non-fiction.
  • Write a thank you note or "thinking of you" note every week to someone I care about.
  • Spend individualized scheduled time with my children and with Keith.
  • Go somewhere new. (This is going to be very exciting!)
  • Practice and schedule monthly hospitality at home: family, friends, neighbors.
  • Teach and share what I know. Participation in the Whole Food Kitchen workshop, cooking demonstrations, church assignment.
  • Continue my weekly volunteer work at the children's school, as well as my ongoing work with Mother's Without Borders. (Soon, I'll share more of what I'm doing with this humanitarian organization.


  1. it is all very good - I agree - stay on the same path - it is really working for you!!

  2. Yes, staying & strengthening the path you're already on...this too is my focus! Appreciate hearing of the road you take.

  3. Very inspiring. I need to commit mine to paper.