Tuesday, January 17, 2012

thoughts on a tuesday morn

It feels like a Monday, but it isn't. Everyone out the door and I'm trying to get into the rhythm of a new week.

You would think that with Saturday's "warm before the storm" and yesterday's blustery chill, something would blow in. Like a snowstorm. But with all that trying, nothing noteworthy came to fruition. Yesterday morning found me mustering the gumption to run against that cold wind. Not an easy task. Left me chilled to the bone for the rest of the day.

The kids were happy to have the day off. Basketball practice, Sunday's leftover peanut butter brownies, library books, and a rousing game of Scrabble were the order of the day. I picked Jane up later and we all enjoyed going to the dollar movie to see The Muppets movie. My own laughter rising above everyone else in that theater, it seemed.  

My eyes popped open at quarter to five this morning and I made the efforts to get all ready for the pool. After making the drive to the recreation center and pulling the van into the parking stall, I realized, much to my dismay, that my bag (containing my towel, cap, and goggles- very necessary items) was left back on the couch at home. A La-La Land moment, I'm sure. I turned the car home and knew that the allotted time was lost.

Nice, though, enjoying the still quiet house and time for scripture, the paper, and one of the library books I've got going-  Another World: A Retreat to the Ozarks  ("...William Claassen explores day-to-day life in a small Trappist monastery..."). Just another of the many books satisfying my interest and fascination with monastic life.

Glad for what looks like a warmer, sunnier day here.

I think I'll eat my oatmeal and blueberries now. Maybe go back to bed and read for awhile. Tidy things up. Get to those dishes in the sink. Grind some wheat, make some bread, cook up some beans for the week.

Happy to be home. Choosing the simple life.

A nice and easy welcome to a new week.


  1. Reads like good genuine simple living!:D Exhale!

  2. oh, I have had those mornings like that at the pool - so frustrating! when did you start swimming?

  3. D: I just started back to the pool two days a week after not going at all for the last year and a half. I first started about three years ago. I found that I needed something else to do in the winter and that I missed it.