Saturday, January 21, 2012

to run in the rain

she couldn't resist.

with that central bank weather phone man's
voice stating a morning
temperature of near 50 degrees,
(so unbelievably balmy for a january morn)
and noticing that it was only a drizzle,
and it just might be now or never,
she heads out the door
and down the street
mustering up what it takes
for this sort of thing. 

glad that the drive
which comes and goes
is here
especially on this day.

beneath these falling droplets
now gathering in strength,
she wends her way
between, around, and through
concentric, ever widening
circle puddles.

pressing onward,
this solitary
alone on the road.

who does this sort of thing?
she asks herself
as craned neck motorists
pass her by
with looks
all a mixture of 
and pity.

altered state of consciousness
the music
this body
her thoughts
these surroundings.

she takes it all in:

the freshly powdered mountains
now mist-veiled.

damp earth,
bits of green 
among the rotting leaves,
spongy soft to her pounding feet.

this musty, yet clean
breathed in 
so deeply.

hillside thicket hidden,
those four noble deer
emerge into view
one by one,
so peaceful,
they stare back
by either her
or the rain.

down hill
they race
side by side
this rushing
gutter water
leading the way.

and all at once,
before she knows it,
the familiar trail
now ending
with home view in sight,

and despite
finding herself
soaked to the skin,
sopping socks
peeling off
wet feet and all,

she feels glad,
playful like a child 
once again,
energized, invigorated, refreshed
welcoming the fun,
the chance to run
in the rain.


  1. I bet that was a cleansing experience - there's beauty in the rain! It does bring a childhood feeling! Beautiful pics, Emily!

  2. We all enjoyed a similar run this morning! It was wonderful!! :) Happy running

  3. ah yes, I am all too familiar. way to go for getting out there.