Thursday, February 9, 2012

book talk (with a little brownie-bite ball on the side)

I changed my mind.

I vowed never to get one of those new fangled techno-pad readers. Reading that way just didn't seem natural. I couldn't imagine the experience -one that I absolutely love- differently: That delicious sensory experience that comes with holding a tangible book in one's hands. The feel of the paper, the smell of a book. Being able to underline, jot down notes, dog tag. A book's ability to store memories of time, place, and emotion; when, where and why you read what you read.

Real books have character.

Well, looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks. (Sort of.)

Let me back up a little.

Do you know, it was the first time in over twenty years that I, solely, (the stay at home mom all these many, many years) got paid real money for a project I submitted an article to recently. You should have seen the smile on my face, this ah-ha moment when, standing in the shower, I realized this grand achievement. Even though I gladly offered it as a service, it was kind of a nice feeling to know that this contribution I worked on was worth something in a monetary kind of way.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with this money. I just didn't want it to go toward groceries or pay a bill. It was kind of a special moment for me; one that I thought was worth celebrating, if you can imagine.

My parents each got Kindles for Christmas.  Since then, I've been toying around with the idea of having one for myself. Could I really succumb? The rational: 1. I could save money on books. Especially cookbooks. 2. I'm running out of shelves. 3. I'm actually feeling the need to downsize my possessions. All the stuff is kind of bugging me.  

Keith urged me to do it. I might as well get the Fire, he said. Me (a little guilty) justifying: "This will be my Valentine's okay? Can it be for both of us?". (Note to Jennifer: I bought that $2.99 Indian vegan cookbook you raved about the other day! So excited.) It's fun and handy in so many ways, but believe me, I'm still staying with tradition in reading novels as much as I can the old fashioned, real book way.

So besides getting acquainted with my new toy today, I made these really yummy brownie-bite balls. I'm so into chocolate these days. (Heck, it's February.)Tastes just like the real thing, only no guilt here. We all couldn't believe how easy and how totally brownie-ish they are. Just ground walnuts, dates, cocoa powder, and a little vanilla, water, and salt. I couldn't help but roll them in coconut. Recipe here. (I had to add more dates. Not sure why.)

He begged me to take him to the library this afternoon. Not only was he out of books, but it was chess day.

Our beloved library is like a second home to us. We've made weekly trips here since Gary (who'll be 21 next month) was a baby.  

I think we could pay for a new wing with all the late fees we've accrued over the years.


  1. Good morning Emily. Those brownie bites look and sound amazing. Really looking forward to trying them over the weekend. However, the link isnt working it takes me to century link homepage. Weird. Any suggestions? Also, its good you bought yourself something special. We forget about ourselves so much as mothers. Enjoy it!

  2. Hi Lisa! Fixed the link. Sorry! Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Hi again - have you made anything from Tarla's book yet? Those bites look yummy. I'm in need for something like that. Maybe today! :)