Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart of Living

At first, they didn't come
not the running
not the words
not the photos

But the effort was different
it came
not all at once
but that's the way effort is

It might not look like much
when it's first pulled out
but those that do the pulling
they know

They know how hard it can be
to take that first step
to write that first word
to frame that first photo

That is, the first one that counts...
the first step beyond the one where you were out of breath
the first word beyond the one where you were out of words
the first photo beyond the one where you were out of seeing
what was there

What power lay hidden in your moving
What poetry lay hidden in your writing
What beauty lay hidden in your viewing

Move, write, view
Run, express, see
Experience, create, share
Dig, stretch, lift
Learn, Love, Live is a gift

February 14, 2012


  1. Thank you for sharing. The words are very inspirational to me.

  2. he knows you so well.