Monday, February 6, 2012

"Puppy Love"... And Other Celebrity Crushes

As I was driving to pick up kids this afternoon, I turned on the local news radio station and listened to the host tell about her "first love". She was a child of the 70's and had a major crush on Michael Jackson.

The wheels started turning in my mind:

Here was something I could blog about! Something to get me out of my writing slump!

I thought about my own first love. It was Donny Osmond. How could it not be?

I loved everything about him. I remember how envious I was of my friend's Barbie Donny. With his purple socks and all. I guess I loved him so much that I wrote him a fan letter (Mom, why didn't you mail this thing?) declaring my love. My devotion evident with purple ink you may notice.

Well, this is timely, with Valentine's Day just around the corner. The rest of my post is along similar lines. More celebrity crushes from yours truly.

That being said, let me remind you that:

This is fluff.
A bit of silliness.
Kinda stupid.
But it's fun.
It's a woman thing. (Husbands aren't allowed celebrity crushes.)

And yes, I really do love my husband.

~Cary Grant
(no duh)

~Gary Cooper
(especially good in Sergeant York. Such humble sweetness.)

~Anthony Hopkins
(yes to the handsome intellectual C.S. "Jack" Lewis. Hannibal Lector a definite no.)

~Mr. Rogers
(yes, I know what you are thinking- with those eyes of yours rolling dramatically:
"A crush, Emily? Seriously."
Oh how I love this man. To each her own.)

~Gabriel Byrne
(the charming Professor Bhaer from my favorite movie adaptation of Little Women)

~Steve Carell
(aka Michael Scott. Should I be alarmed?)

~Timothy Dalton
(as the mysterious and very passionate Mr. Rochester)

now, with this latest version of Jane Eyre,
it might be a toss up.

~Jimmy Stewart
(what's not to like about this genuine, sweet soul?)
~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

(a respected leader in my church whose engaging sincerity and down-to-earth personality comes through in each and every one of his thoughtful sermons; all of which I love and look forward to. Gary and I were lucky to have met him and his darling wife one afternoon a few years ago in a local hotel restaurant. Striking was the word that first came to mind...

Go here for an uplift and you'll see what I'm talking about.)


  1. Oh, Donny Osmond! Me too! Such a crush I had on him! Also for me, Mandy Patinkin, and Patrick Stewart (as Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek, of course).

    I came to your blog from Heather's workshop, BTW.

  2. So many of my favorites too! Donny was a little before my time. :) I will always love Jimmy Stewart the most though. What a wonderful human being.