Saturday, February 25, 2012

'round here

:: all kinds of kitchen creations going on today. fresh salsa. hummus. black bean spread. baked no fat tortilla chips. brown rice in my new rice cooker. i think it's really going to be a life saver. roasted veggies to die for.

:: menu planning for the next week. loving my whole foods course. no surprise. delving into hunky triathloner vegan firefighter's Engine 2 Diet book. that guy from Forks Over Knives. good stuff here and new ideas.

:: hearing the door click after midnight my eyes pop open. his steps heard walking slowly up the stairs. are you awake, mom? he tells me of his "perfect day". saudi prince guest speaker university lecture, followed by a stroll through the new islamic art exhibit. his thing, and how. wish i could have tagged along. so glad he knows i will share in his joy. that i'm always here to listen. to talk.

:: she works secluded in her studio. painting her heart out.

:: it's been so long she says.

:: exciting, maybe even a crisis, hermit crab molting event.

:: they eat some salsa. then get to work making a terrarium. just for fun.

:: date night japanese food last night. i like sushi, but only the veggie kind. he doesn't go for it. like how i used to be.

:: after thinking it over for so long and since he's had his two back surgeries and still deals with the pain and doesn't get much sleep and since my hips ache all the time and i wake up with my shoulders sore. we are getting old i think. decided it might be the time to get a new mattress. one of those tempurpedic fancy ones. i think of what else all that money could go for, but i think it's going to be worth it. so excited to hit the sack tonight.

:: if you spend so much money, you'll receive a $200 gift card incentive. can't beat that. so we go for it and get a new 24 inch flat panel t.v. for our room. whoo hoo. grandma fay's twenty year old 13 incher sure got a lot of good use. i keep telling the kids that one of these days, our other grandma fay 1973 (yes, it still works after almost 40 years) console- a swiveling classic piece of furniture- will be replaced. they're embarrassed to have friends over. that's a serious factor to consider. its days are numbered.

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