Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday, rest day

I loved having her home today. It made my heart happy.

We lay on the bed together, face to face snuggled and sharing my reading spot blankie between the two of us. Her eyes, her voice filled with happiness, telling me all the joys, the opportunities, the exciting happenings of college life.

We watched a bit of Cranford together. Then decided that a snooze was beckoning us both.

Sunday restday.

The university Chinese program, which she's happily a part of (I think I shared before that she's majoring in Chinese and is planning on doing a study abroad there, yes?), hosted a group of Beijing high school students Friday evening, eating dinner together and later, enjoying a performance of the amazing Peking Acrobats.

Jane and a little fourteen year old became instant friends. This sweet girl told her (in all a mix of Jane's Chinese and her English) how she never knew that the sky was so blue, so unbelievably blue, until that afternoon when they arrived here in Utah. Sad to think that all she knows is urban gray. 

How she couldn't get over these snowy, majestic mountains that surround this valley. This beauty that is sometimes taken for granted. Yet knowing and remembering how lost and vulnerable I feel without their grounding presence.

So nice to have everyone home, gathering around the table for dinner. The Superbowl has never been a draw for our family. Just your quiet, typical Sunday.

Which I like.

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  1. Sounds like Sunday rest was just what you needed. Adorable shot of Isaac, so angelic. I miss this age, my baby turns 17 month, yikes!