Tuesday, February 21, 2012

switcharoo snafu

Can you tell the difference?
(Psss. It's the suds.)

I guess Renee inspired me to make a little more pretty in the kitchen.

Decided to get rid of that unsightly plastic bottle of dish soap and transfer it into a lovely glass decanter. I'd already done that with the olive oil that sits corralled with the salt and pepper next to the stove.

Well, what happened next is too funny not to share. (At least I think it's a little humorous.)

Gary has all but "moved" home. Sleeping on the couch and hanging out when he's not working or going to school or having fun with Ivana.

This man-son of mine doesn't like to shave. He lets the stubble go for as long as he can. I try to not "sweat the small stuff" and let it bug me, but I really do empathize. Reason is because of his skin being so sensitive. Shaving just plain hurts and gives him a bad rash.

He's found a trick, though. A little olive oil rubbed on before he starts with the razor seems to help. So one morning, here, he got a little bowl filled in the kitchen and made his way to the bathroom. Only when he started rubbing the olive oil in, it started sudsing. What in the heck? Come to find out, it was a mix up with the dish soap.

And boy did I hear about it.

And then there's my own little snafu.

Sunday evening, Jane's friend Franciska came over for dinner. Checking my kitchen out, checking me out, so attentive and interested in every thing in sight. And there I was in all my glory, kind of a cocky showing off of all my cooking skills while trying to entertain her with my charming hostess chatter and laughter. I pulled the wok and the skillet out, ready to cook up the veg stir fry and the potato, kale, and mushroom main dish. I nonchalantly drizzled a little bit of "olive oil" in those pans and threw in some garlic. (Because that's just what you do with olive oil, right?) Then, all the sudden, our attention turns to the putrid, burning smell coming from those pans. With me thinking, "Why in the world is that olive oil so gel-like, and turning white?" It was totally, like, gag me with a spoon, bad. That choking (garlic) "soapy" air gave it all away. 

Wrong bottle, Em.

Well, we all got a good laugh. Especially me. I'm such a ditz, sometimes.

Lessons learned:

1. Making pretty can sometimes backfire.
2. Better get out the food coloring for the dishsoap.
3. We all have flops.
4. Sometimes you just have to eat that humble pie and laugh at yourself.


  1. THAT is funny :) I can totally see myself doing that. We put our dish soap in a decanter as well, but luckily ours is green! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. humble pie or soapy potatoes.

    I claim no responsibility.

  3. Love the story! Too funny!

  4. Lol! Life happens in the kitchen! I ove the glass bottles, food as delicious as yours should have pretty gadgets to go with! The boy needs a little home warmth before he goes on the mission field, I think! I love the olive oil idea, I am trying on Kevin(maybe coconut oil instead). Alan doesn't shave for the very same reason, he's just miserable when he does!

  5. Hysterical! Maybe you could tie a little piece of pretty ribbon around the neck of the dish soap.