Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a take-yourself-on-a-date day

A little too much alone-ness during the day.
A little too much Bleak House viewing starting to transfer into bleak house feeling in real life.

I always like these classic book- to- film BBC pieces, and honestly, I could have stayed home and been pretty much content to watch this all day long, but this morning I realized that I really needed to get out of the house. Kind of had to force myself.

So I took myself on a date.

This wasn't a typical errand day. Although I did pick up some things I needed such as a few new scouting materials (yes, I just got put into Wolf Den mother- mode. Three boys =  the third time doing this gig. ), a stop at the craft store to locate a much needed two tiered fruit stand, and a finally, a stop at the library to pick up the Gandhi DVD for Sam to watch tonight for his history class. 

In between all these errands was my time for rejuvenation, cultural enrichment, and boredom busting. Yay!

I browsed at the antique mall. Nothing caught my eye enough for a purchase, but I did see some beautiful old samplers from the 1800's. I like the history of it all and like to think of the women who wore those fur coats and the little children whose feet wore those tiny leather shoes all lined up in a row in the display case.

Since all my outing destinations were in the same neighborhood, and since it was lunch time, I thought I'd go a little out of my comfort zone and head to the Krishna temple where they serve a $5 all you can eat vegetarian buffet. That was interesting. I love to try new things. It was fun to browse the gift shop, as well. This took me down memory lane to the times when I was a young girl and our Uncle Gene would bring back so many items for us from India where he resided. I think I'll head down there again when it gets warmer. I'd love to get a few of those billowy cotton skirts to wear with my sandals this summer.

Next stop was the art museum. I thought it would be fun to see the All-State Art Show featuring local and talented high school art students. Another trip down memory lane. Once upon a time I, too, had a painting shown in this exhibit. Did you know that I was an artist in my day? Then studied art in college? Viewing art always nourishes my soul in a way I can't express in words.

I came home with a happier disposition. And happier still when Keith showed up home tonight with a lovely pot of purple hyacinths and a gift subscription to Netflix.

I wish you could be here and smell spring.

Before I sign off, here's my question to you.

Would you feel comfortable having a day like mine? How would it feel for you to do things like this by yourself? Just for pleasure.

Things like meandering through a museum by yourself. Going to a movie alone. (I've done that a few times.) Going out to eat solo. Going on a hike. Going to a play or a concert. Kind of like a field trip for adults, you know?

Sure, it's nice to share these experiences and outings with another. But when you are alone most days like I am, I do think it's necessary and important to feel ease and enjoyment just being with ourselves.

Maybe you can try it for yourself, too.


  1. Would I feel comfortable - yes! Does the opportunity happen more than once a year? No. That's ok though.

  2. I would feel so comfortable. I love my alone time, I crave it. I have to get out of the house today, but we are in the middle of a snow storm and I am hesitant, well lazy to get out. If I do venture out, maybe I will go to the local cafe.

  3. Thanks for the writing. I read someplace online..probably a blog..recently about how important it is actually to learn to be alone at times. Like really alone, leave the cell phone at home alone. I have done it. It feels a little uncomfortable at first for me but is something I get used to quickly. Again, thanks for the inspiration. Im thinking I am going to try to schedule a me day onced a month. I think it would be soul searching and healthy.

  4. Oh yes! It's a wonderful thing to get lost by yourself somewhere. Art is one of my favs too...and bookstores, gardens. I do it frequently!

  5. I think my heartrate slows when I read your posts, Emily. They are so peaceful, loving, encouraging, relaxing. Good stuff. I definitely feel comfortable having a day out on my own. I need my alone time and space. It helps me appreciate what I have even more.

    I would love to see some of your artwork. Do you have any to share?

  6. I love going places alone! I got over the oddness of it while still pretty young bc I got tired of missing out on what I wanted to do simply bc no one else was interested. This fall I went on a trip alone to a brand new state. Best thing I could have done!