Sunday, February 12, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

:: an invitation Friday night to join her for a university performance of The Snow Queen. A requirement for her ballet class that we were both very happy to fulfill. Of course, that meant a pre-show dinner (my treat) and the usual happy mother-daughter girl talk. So grateful for this relationship we share.

:: she's decided to make use of that guitar of mine, gathering dust in the music room corner. Determined that she can teach herself some chords and create some beauty this way. Now, it's all tuned up and we're loving the strumming sounds coming up from her room.

:: decided that addictive is the right word for those brownie balls, so time was set aside yesterday afternoon to fill a bag full for the freezer. Tried my hand with some oatmeal maple ones, as well, to go along with an apron for a special young woman's birthday.

:: those two sons of mine, the oldest and the youngest, spending most of the day together yesterday on the floor sorting the vast amount of Lego. Tears filling my eyes, watching them together and thinking about the kind of friendship they would have had if both were at the age Isaac is now. Both of them in glasses, all the same interests. So perfect for each other. Then I realized what a gift they do have in each other right now. That they do have an eternal love and friendship that has and always will be there.

:: Valentine dinner date for the two of us. Despite the crowd and the nearly one hour wait for our food to finally come to the table. Glad knowing that we can find joy just being together, walking through the empty campus, viewing an international cinema documentary about modern day Chinese Buddhist hermit monks. Our idea of romance, yes.

:: for a rainy- no where to go- Sunday.

:: all snuggled in the bed with a headache  and tummy troubled little boy. He reads his book and I read mine. Finished Daddy Long Legs downloaded on my handy Kindle (for free) in one sitting this morning. This book is such a delight- a must read if you haven't!

:: bits of fresh green growth spotted here and there. The stirrings of spring?

:: I think I'll head now into the kitchen and make up another Very Berry Chocolate Chip Cobbler (Vegan Pie in the Sky). It's that kind of day.

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