Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Be A Woman

~That I share partnership with God in creating new life. That this other body could be enveloped, nourished, and protected inside my own. That I can bear fruit. Stretching, growing, accommodating, and birthing in such a miraculous way.
That I'm designed and have been blessed to take part in this wonder.

~That I'm created to provide the perfect sustenance formed from my own body fluids to give nourishment to another.
Allowing an intimacy so perfect, pure, and beautiful.

~That as a mother, I have the ability and opportunity to impact, teach, and mold another's character, another's soul more than any other influence in the world.
This is powerful.

~That my love and sacrifice for my children is second only to the love of God.
This is holy.

~That as woman, I've been endowed with the gift of nurturing, empathy, and compassion. To reach out to not only my own, but to all and any who may be in need or who may be suffering. 
That I can act on my good intentions.

~That as woman, I'm blessed with a heightened sense of intuition.

~That as a descendant daughter of our first Mother Eve, I am allowed to participate in her role as "Mother of all Living".
I represent, create, and sustain life.

~That I can take my place in a line of strong, brave, and wise women. That I can look to them for strength, for example, for inspiration.
Such is my heritage. 

~That I don't have to prove myself, compete, or fight for power or influence in the world or society at large. I have a dignified confidence, quietly going about doing good and contributing to society at all levels or any sphere or occupation I choose.

~That this body can be soft, smooth, and curvaceous and at the same time formed with muscles lean, hard, powerful, and strong.

~That I have the freedom in my appearance for variety, while staying feminine at the same time. To have a long mane of hair or cut short. To put on a dress, a skirt, or jeans and a baseball cap whenever I feel like it.

~That as a girl, my choice of activity can vary between shooting baskets and playing a game of touch football with the guys or baking cookies and playing pretend with dolls.

~That as a woman, I have the freedom and the ease to display my feelings openly. That I can cry if I'm happy or cry if I'm sad. That I can show my affection physically for another- man, woman, or child- with a hug, a touch on the arm, or verbalize aloud with an honest, from the heart "I love you".

~That I can say that something is "sweet" or "cute" and get away with it.

~That I have the power to endure more than I think I can.

~That as mother, I'm the one they turn to first. The one they gravitate toward. The one they want to sit by, talk to first on the phone, to snuggle on the bed with.

~That in one day's time, these hands of a woman can:
wipe the sweat off her own face, knead a loaf of bread, play a game or hold a book with a child, envelop another in a tight hug, clean a toilet bowl, fold clean laundry, chop vegetables, dial a phone to make a happy birthday call, wash a body, type on a computer keyboard, fold in prayer.


  1. You are by far one of the most wonderful, beautiful incredible people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I relate to so much that you say and feel (and see) the truth behind the words. There are others, such as myself, that gravitate to you because of who you are...strong, faithful, sincere and nurturing. May you always be blessed in your sacred role as a mother, wife and daughter y que Dios te bendiga. I love you for who you are.

  2. Beautiful way to remind ourselves of our value! xoxos!

  3. I watched you running today and thought to myself...I can't remember what her blog is called. I used to read it and low and behold, here it is on facebook. Thanks for the wonderful words, Emily.