Saturday, February 18, 2012

to mellow out

I like this kind of day. In fact, I like this kind of weekend, don't you? These extra long ones are so nice. Not a lot going on. Well, maybe. Trying to think of something fun to do with the kids on Monday.

I woke up early this morning, and as is typical, I tried to go back to sleep. Maybe caught an extra half hour or so. Decided to catch up on some emails.

This is exciting:

 Received an email yesterday from an editor at Parents Magazine. Said they would like to use my Lego party invitation in their "birthday party round-up" May edition. This totally caught me off guard, but you can bet your buttons that it brought some excitement this way. (Thank you, Pinterest for all the traffic!)Enough for a Facebook status, even. We'll see how things pan out.

I waited until the sun was out this morning before I went off running. Had to cut it short because Heidi, the Masseuse Woman Extraordinaire was coming over with her table to give me a much needed massage. My hips are giving me problems. Again. She couldn't believe how tight. As well as the psoas. Did you know that they start in the stomach area and run down the legs? Thank goodness she works wonders.  I'm calling her again next month.

Since that massage, I've been in chill-mode. It's good place to be.

A little insert here: I guess it shows on my face because they all told me tonight how pretty I look today. My face. My skin. My hair. My style(!) Gee whiz. I guess I need to get a massage more often.

Took Isaac with me to run a few errands and make a pit stop at the library. Thinking of what I'll make tomorrow when they'll all come home for dinner. Jane's bringing a friend who's excited to "go vegan". Hope she doesn't leave disappointed.  

Looking forward  now to putting on my flannel nightie and watching a movie(s) in bed.

Enjoy the weekend, friends.

Tchau, and talk to you later.


  1. Happy weekend friend. I do love your blog.

  2. a massage at home sounds wonderful. sounds like you may need some stretching after your runs. sitting too much makes my hips tight. enjoy your sunday.

  3. That is so fun about your lego invitation! Sounds like a nice day and that you have lots of wisdom to share regarding taking good care of oneself.

  4. Emily - hi! Congratulations on the Parents feature! I remember that party and you did an amazing job.