Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ABCs of Me

Running a blank as far as blogging inspiration goes these days. Here's some food for thought if you think you want to know a little more about me...

My favorite breakfast of late: a cup Ezekial 4:9 cereal with half a frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, chia seeds, almond milk. Wow.
Age- 41

B- Best Feature: well...let's see...I guess I have nice teeth. Hardly have had any cavities or any orthodontic apparatus.

C- Could do without: a cell phone, rude people, fighting and demanding children. (Go here to read more.)

D- Drink of choice: water, but no ice please. (I know that's weird.)

E- Essential items: music, Internet, books.

F- Favorite flower: tulips, peonies, roses, zinnias (all of them pale pink), lavender.

G- Good at: multi-tasking, working hard, doing something that I set my mind to or say I'll do, teaching, caring for, and helping others.

H- Have never tried: snow skiing (can you believe it, me living in Utah and all), calamari, scuba diving.

I- If I had a million dollars: pay off some debts, enough money for kid's missions and college, pay off the house and cars (like a new car for me. I think I'm ready for an update from the 10+ year old, chipping off paint mom-van), go on a whirl- wind European tour/trip, be able to help out my family and others or causes I feel strongly about, maid and yard service, funding my own education.

J- Junkie for: stealing my kids Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from their Halloween bags. Red licorice.

K- Kind of car you'd like parked in your driveway: Jaguar sedan (any model), Volvo station wagon, got my eye on the Honda Pilot.
L- Little known fact: my dad used to sing a song to me called "You're Some Ugly Child". (Go here to read more little knowns about me.)

M- Most memorable moment: the births of my children, the glory of completing my marathon.

N- Nickname: Em (by those close to me, although I love it when anyone I know feels comfortable, friendly enough calling me by that name, like my neighbor Jeff down the street. Gives me a little thrill, if you really want to know.), Auntie Em (high school basketball team)

O- Occasional indulgence: taking myself out to lunch, getting a massage, begging for a head rub from one of my kids.

P- Phobias and Fears: snakes popping out when I'm not expecting it, haunted houses, advanced math, something terrible happening to my kids. I used to be afraid of driving on the freeway. Doing a twirl on the monkey bars scared me as a kid and would still scare me today!

Q- Quote: "Every day look at a beautiful picture, read a beautiful poem, listen to some beautiful music, and if possible, say some reasonable thing." ~Goethe

R- Reason to smile or laugh out loud: when someone says something funny or if I read something funny. When someone does something or says something nice or unexpected to me. It makes my day.

S- Sorry about: being judgmental at times, yelling at my kids, being impatient, my poor posture, that I didn't complete my college degree.

T- Tastes: thoughtful, communicative, humble, warm, kind, quiet, fun, intellectual, Lands' End, natural-earthy-granola.

U- Uninterested: cutesy, NASCAR, professional sports, laundry.

V- Vegetable I hate: beets, canned peas, those baby corn things at the salad bar.

W- Worst habit: I used to bite my fingernails, but broke that habit a while ago. Now, I wake up too early, procrastinate often, and lose my temper.

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: First choice would be the United Kingdom, second would be Italy, third would be Germany and Austria, fourth Japan, China, or a romp around southeast Asia.

Y- Your favorite childhood toy: "Green Machine" Big Wheel, Evil Knievel stunt wind-up thing that would take off across the floor and even jump over hills that I'd make with rugs, my Indian Man GI Joe.

Z- Zoo animal: monkeys

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  1. Oh, I love your blog, even the ordinary everyday kinds of posts. Keep it up!

    London is my favorite vacation spot, it always makes me feel at home. We've talked about spending an entire summer there when Noah, our youngest graduates. As for Volvo wagons.... best car I have ever owned. Even my husband, who's a fancy/sporty car kinda guy loves it. Lots we have in common...

    I was looking back on some older posts of yours and had to laugh when I saw Isaac eating sardines. That's just the way I grew up eating them, must be a Louisiana kind of thing! ;)