Monday, March 19, 2012

an apology about that snake post

You know, that snake post on Friday never sat well with me. It's been hanging over my head; kind of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since then. I felt like it was portraying me as a pretty heartless person. A person who delights in killing or violence. If you know me and as I know myself, I am not that kind of person. Far from it. Yes, I do have a fear of snakes. They do infest my yard and it would be my desire that they weren't around. That is something I'm trying to deal with. However, it makes me feel bad if what I said about my delight in getting rid of these creatures by killing them would be offensive to anyone of you all. Reading what I wrote those three years ago, especially now, seems pretty cruel and uncompassionate.

I want this space to be one where people find peace and beauty. That post did not coincide with that intention and desire.

Specifically, Stephanie (if you ever do make your way back here) I extend my sincere, heart felt apology. I feel better, even if you hadn't written the comment you left this morning, by deleting that thoughtless, offensive, and disturbing post.

So very sorry.


  1. Genesis 3:14-15. It's fine Mom - you're great.

  2. Emily--as you know, I don't know you at all! But one reason I keep coming back to your blog even as I dramatically simplify my life and carefully guard how I spend my time is the inspiration I get from your sweet and gentle spirit. My sense of your kind nature was not diminished at all by the snake post. I hope you will be able to put it behind you :)

  3. Oh goodness! I don't feel you have to apologize to anyone for what you write in your own blog...I know you dread to kill these snakes as much as you dread to see so many around when times warms up!

  4. You were being honest and sharing how you felt . . . you really don't like those snakes! I didn't think anything of it and you were just expressing how distressing they are to you. I really enjoy checking in on your blog and your honesty that you share in many matters. Peace =)

  5. just stumbled across your blog. my husband and i are serving in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission and the Finnish elder here is amazing! your son will love the people of
    Finland. and say hi to Sister Horner who went through the MTC with us last July.