Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love spring.
I think I adore spring.

So much beauty.
Drinking it all in.
Filling my soul.

I spent most of yesterday working in the yard. First time really getting out doing this kind of stuff since the fall. It did me good.

The perfect temperatures, this abundant beauty, the satisfaction that comes from good, hard work- all of it my reward.

All of this, despite the blisters on my hands formed from raking piles and piles of leftover autumn leaves, the scratches on my arms from pruning close to fifteen rose bushes (and there's still more), my nose sniffling and sneezing from all this pollen that fills the air, the snakes that I let slither away. (Ha!)

I've still got tons more to get to. And the garden to weed, till, and plant. (Big sigh, here.)

Incidentally, Eliza, the brazen and fearless animal lover, I'm proud to say, picked up two snakes Friday next to the front door within an hour's time (another one got away)- with her bare hands, rescuing them away from her mother's fear and sight.

I have a big yard. A half an acre with a lot of landscaping. (Bless the previous owners hearts.) I've loved having all this space. Having enough roses, peonies, and flowering branches-to my heart's content- for cutting and bringing inside. The huge garden space and the fruit trees have been a blessing. Huge areas of lawn for games of all sorts.

But with it all comes a lot of work. A lot of work. I'm finding myself becoming more and more overwhelmed with it all. I can see my work force dwindling. Wishing that I can feel a little more freedom with its demanding upkeep. Especially on our Saturdays. With it and the housework and all of us at home, I wish we weren't so tied down and could have more adventures, outings, and fun times.

Work is good. I'm glad for it. And I believe it is a blessing to my children. But I think one of these days, a downsize to a smaller, simpler yard might be what's needed.

Today, I've taken it easy. Keith made dinner and I'm still in my nightgown. It's been a restful, quiet kind of day.

Since that other (dreadful) day, it's been on my mind  how much each of your sweet, generous, and supportive words meant to me, friends. Each of your comments, Facebook notes, and emails were balm to my soul. Enough to not only fill my eyes with tears, but Keith's as well. And I really, really wanted you (and you and you and you...) to know that.

I thank you for being here and for seeing the good in me.


P.S. Doesn't Eliza take such lovely pictures?
Thanks, honey, for letting me share them today.

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  1. I love spring as well , I was married in spring and had my daughter in spring ....its autumn here in australia and Im really loving this season as well :)