Friday, March 23, 2012

Nurturing Creativity

Do you see yourself as a creative person?
Do you wish you had time or a means to facilitate creativity in your life?
Do you feel a lack of joy, inspiration, or fulfillment in the demands and rigors of everyday living?

I'm so pleased to bring you this resource in your quest for a more creative and fulfilling life. My friend Renee from the inspiring blog FIMBY has just recently released a new ebook called Nurturing Creativity: A Guide For Busy Moms. At $3 a pop, it's affordable for any budget. Within it's pages, you'll find varied and helpful topics including: the need for a creative life, fitting creativity in our busy lives, filling our creative wells, letting go of perfection.

I just love Renee. I love her energy, zeal, and enthusiasm for life. We were so happy and honored to host her and her husband Damien here in our home last summer when they came out west to attend the Outdoor Retail Expo. A mother of three beautiful, creative, and talented homeschooled children, a soap maker, a lover of nature and adventure, a gifted writer and photographer- her words will lift you up and encourage you to soar to your creative potential; to new heights. She's the real deal!

I can't recommend this 50 page book enough. You can find Renee's book here or over at Amazon.

This book has brought a lot of creativity feelings to the surface. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you.

This seed of creativity is something I believe we all have within us. It's a concept I've always felt strongly about. I believe we are literal spirit children of a loving God; our Father, the divine Creator. And as His sons and daughters, we are each inherently endowed with this eternal trait and characteristic.

But this gift comes with a price.

We have to do the seeking. We have to water, feed, and nourish that seed within us. 

As a woman, as a descendant daughter of our first Mother Eve, I am allowed to participate in her role as "Mother of all Living". I represent, create, and sustain life. Creativity is the soul of motherhood.

My own creative journey starts with those who've come before me. I've been blessed to have wonderful grandparents and parents who've joyfully modeled what it means to live a life of creativity. And through their examples, I've seen how creativity can come in a myriad of forms. How it takes a lifetime to develop these gifts and talents.

Grandpa Ellis's creativity was displayed through his beautiful vegetable garden. That black, rich soil he was so proud of and created out of his own hands and heart. Papa Reno found creativity through writing his life story and through oral storytelling, inspired from his Louisiana boyhood. A treasure passed down through generations.

Grandma Fay and Momo were gifted quilters, producing and gifting quilts for new babies, graduations, and marriages. They each had the gift of hospitality and could cook up comforting and delicious meals without blinking an eye. In her later years, Grandma Fay found creative joy in ways too numerous to count. Lapidary work, jewelry making, ceramics, learning how to play the organ, her prized jams and jellies to name just a few. All of these, as well as her love of learning, I believe,  kept her living a long and healthy life.

My father has found creative expression through his journal keeping. He has kept a record every day of his life since the mid- fifties. Watercolor and oil painting have been a source of immense joy and fulfillment.

I've always appreciated the creative mentoring my own mother has given me. Over the years, she's found ways to let her creative genius shine. In fact, I can't think of a person that is so well rounded creatively. I've loved seeing her find an interest in something by taking community education courses or developing her skills through consistent practice. She is a model homemaker. A master cook and baker. She's also graced our lives with her calligraphy, cross-stitch, oil and tole painting, flower arrangements, the lovely sound of her piano playing (mostly self taught and now passing on this gift to some very fortunate grandchildren), homemade toys, handmade clothing (complete matching wardrobes for all five daughters), doll making, her beautiful gardens, coveted jewelry, and welcomed hand knits. What a blessing her creative gifts have been for her own happiness, but to so many others.

My own creative journey has brought me so much satisfaction and happiness. It began with singing my little heart out as a child, then through my visual art work in the years of my teen and young adulthood.  And now over the last 20 years as I've become an adult, I've found joy through so many avenues:
I share this full and comprehensive list with you not to draw attention to my own accomplishments, but simply as a way to show that our lives can be so full. That our interests and talents can be so varied and unique. Life can be so exciting, rich, and rewarding. There are so many possibilities out there right within our grasp. There are some items on this list that I never thought would not only interest me, but actually become things that I could do well. You just never know what's in store for you creatively, if given a chance.

So go for it. Intuitively listen and seek for your creative spark.

And you'll fly.


  1. I just bought it I can't wait to read it...

  2. I love this picture of you two - so cool that you got to meet in person. It's a great book, isn't it? It's had me thinking all week of the different ways creativity can play into my every day life.