Friday, March 9, 2012

right now

Before My Eyes: bloom beauty

Eating: continual sliver slices (somehow, I feel better about this habit than slicing myself off a normal serving) off the pan of peanut butter granola bars made for the cub scouts yesterday. Pina colada smoothie, too, for breakfast. Yum-o.

Listening: Coldplay Charlie Brown

Finding My Bliss: running this morning with my face toward the warming, radiant sun. Ahhh...

Guilty Pleasure: marathon Downton Abbey viewing a few days this week. Lovely, and can't wait for season 3.

Out and About: spent the day yesterday shopping and out to lunch with Gary. Helping him get all geared up for when he heads out on his mission next month.  On my shopping outing today, I'll pick up his two year supply of vitamin D. A requirement for those the dark winter days in Finland. Tomorrow morning, we'll meet with a woman in our town whose son is currently serving there right now. This visit, I'm sure, will be very helpful to us.

Remembering: our Nana, whose sudden and unexpected passing two years ago tomorrow still leaves my heart with longing and loss.

Touched: To hear my neighbor tell me last night as we were visiting at a church women's function how much she appreciates how I never make her feel judged, self conscious, or embarrassed by her weight issue. That in my presence she can feel totally comfortable, at peace, and loved with the person that she is.

Joy Bringer: to receive an email the other day from Shambhala publishing requesting me to review their forthcoming book: The Essential Herbal for Natural Health: How to Transform Easy-To-Find Herbs into Healing Remedies for the Whole Family. Thinking that my Dr. Mom To the Rescue series I posted last September now popularized on Pinterest probably was the avenue by which they found me. Grateful for them sending me this very interesting (and free) book to add to my herbal library, as well as the little ego boost it's given me. I'll let you know my thoughts about this book when it comes.

Glad: that I get to go pick up Jane later this afternoon to spend the night here. It's been awhile since she's come home.

Wearing: magenta peasant blouse, black cords, black ballet slip- ons

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  1. You are DARLING!! Such a beautiful way you have of describing your life :) Thank you...and Congrats!