Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Farewell: A Day of Miracles, A Day of Rejoicing

He addressed the congregation today in church.
On this eve of his departure.
His message so personal,
so meaningful,
to the point of his
own tears sweetly

The way trials, weakness 
bring us closer to God.
Strengthen our faith.
That through His stripes,
we are healed.
How God needs the imperfect among us.
(And that means every one of us.)
To know what it means
to understand,
to succor,
to love our neighbor.
His children.

This son of mine
powerfully teaching, testifying
to all of us there
through own experience
and heart-felt sincerity.

And oh how I wish you could have heard Jane
on her violin.
"I Need Thee Every Hour"
Such a sweet spirit that brought to all present.
A little glimpse of heaven.

Loving family and friends there to support and celebrate him.
Sharing in our joy.
So naturally,
we gather after
to feast and renew, 
to laugh and to share.
This blue house brimming full.
All crowding, almost or around sixty of us.

Rain on and off all day,
I prayed that morning
with hope,
faith-plead to the Father,
worried and anxious how we would all fit
"Could You just make it so we could spread out a little, outside?"
Just a small miracle for us?"

And wouldn't you know it,
as I hurried out of the chapel to the car
needing to get on home
and play that role of happy hostess,
I literally jumped for joy,
arms raised high,
victorious in this gratitude for
His mercy-gift,
this loving-kindness.

That sun was 'a shining!
Blue skies and all!
No rainclouds and storm shower
in sight.
And for the rest of this beautiful Sunday.

Day of miracles,
big and small.

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