Monday, April 9, 2012

getting around to it

I guess you'd call it the theme for the day.

It's amazing how motivating it is to have company coming. A lot of things that have been put off finally seem to be getting done.

It seemed like a Saturday. The kids are on Spring Break and Keith was lucky to get the day off because of all the overtime he and the other programmers have been putting in on an ongoing project.

I haven't taken a shower all day. I'm pooped. I really should be in bed, exhausted as I am, but I guess blogging is my relaxation therapy.

Right after my run this morning, my friend Phyllis called and said she was coming over right away with her power sprayer so we could hose down the siding on the house. She's wonderful.

Hurrah for Keith getting the garden tilled. Even after the two fix-it jobs and the (subsequent) two trips to Home Depot unfortunately required to complete the job.

It's amazing how nice clean windows feel. And wow, so nice to really see the world outside a little crisp and clearer from the indoor vantage. By the way, newspaper and vinegar work wonders.

I had picked up this old beat up wooden chest awhile ago at the antique store. I saw its potential as a place to house all our scriptures for those evenings before bed when we gather to read a few verses. A little fresh paint brought someone's old toolbox back to use, back to life.

I hadn't planned on it, but since I was on a roll with the paintbrush, I decided it was now or never to finally get to those way overdue baseboards (Hello Home Depot again; this time for me.) we put on four years ago when we remodeled the main floor and installed hardwood floors. This job seemed so overwhelming; fearing that I'd get paint on the floor. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. It was way easier (and no spills, by the way!) than I thought it would be. The burden really more in my mind than it actually is, once I get started. I find that this is the case with a lot of procrastination issues.

Such was the case when Sam and I tackled the job of defrosting the beast that was our freezer out in the garage. After chipping away all afternoon at all that icy buildup, the satisfaction of another job complete was so much worth our efforts. 

And speaking of getting around to it. The best thing about today was that Isaac finally accomplished his goal of learning how to ride his bike. His siblings encouraging and assisting him all the way.

What a bonding time, this memory, especially between Gary and Isaac. So glad I rushed out there to capture it all with my camera.

The look on his face is priceless, don't you think?

We all agreed that this milestone called for a late night celebratory ice cream jaunt.

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