Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gratitude Tuesday

~Ever more blossoms. The pinks, my favorite.

~All these abundant leftovers, enough to stock the freezer, share, putting mealtimes on cruise control.

~The garden weeded and ready to go. Waiting for a freed up day to plant.

~Nourishing herbal infusions every day for extra energy, vitality, strong bones. 

~Going with her yesterday to find a new apartment. The search is over, the contract signed, and all set to move in next Monday. That's a relief.

~Email encouragement.

~Mother head bowed, listening to this son's prayer over the holy sacrament bread.

~Down to the wire taxes done last night! And what a hefty return to look forward to.

~The support, the generousity of so many loved ones. We are blessed.

~This rainfall making for a cozy day at home, the grass, my rhubarb, and the herbs a green boost.

~After all that hubbub, the constant busy-ness in preparing for Sunday, having that time last night to just curl in the covers, veg, and watch Jane Eyre (for the millionth time) My idea of "comfort food" for a weary soul.

~White petaled snowfall.

~The packing commences! In earnest! The sewing room floor can be seen at last!

~Meeting him tonight in the city for a bite to eat and then to go hear my sweet, beautiful niece perform her senior cello recital. What a treat that will be.

~This daughter's talent continuing to amaze us.

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