Saturday, April 21, 2012

a little reprieve

After this week's round up of those last minute items on the packing list...

After putting together what I called a "Little Taste of Home" cookbook (a collection of family favorite recipes) for him to use in his far off kitchen in Finland...

After helping him clean and move out of his apartment on Friday (still trying to figure out where to store all his stuff )...

After helping her move out of her dorm this morning and Monday's move back down to settle into her new place... (We decided to just leave everything in the van until then. Good idea, huh?)

Before he goes away on Wednesday for the next two years...

Well, we realized that we just needed some time together. Time to be a family. A quiet place, without the distractions. A little reprieve from all the pressures and the to-do lists.

A simple family picnic in the mountains on this perfectly beautiful spring day was our answer.

Being out in nature with those I love really brings me a lot of peace and happiness.

So grateful for this time.


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