Wednesday, May 2, 2012

14 years


Little or big girl,
young woman,
or old.

Whatever name this funny mom of yours conjures up:
Whether it's Luli-Cassadooli,
My little 'Liza Lou (Bar-b-que),
or if it's just Lie,
for short.

It might be Pup,
Pupsy- Doodle,
or her favored Puppy-Love.

And even a little bit of Pumpkin Butter
(If we're getting specific.)

You can always be assured
your names,
your presense,
the gift that is your life,

Each hold a sweet place 
in this mother's heart,
and in the place we call

You make me so happy.
Love you always.
xo Mom


  1. Special girl you are Eliza! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Eliza. I know that love you feel Emily. And Em, just gotta say you are getting better with age my friend. You're radiant.

  3. Found you from the wholefood course so was interesting to see more of your before and after pictures.
    (just a let down that you used appetite suppressants, drugs don't sit easy with the wholefood concept)
    your kitchen looks sweet with it's blue plates,would love to see more of it.

    1. Hi, Anne

      Nice to have you here.

      The lovely kitchen is actually my moms. She's collected many beautiful blue plates over the years.

      As far as the appetite suppressant goes. I'm hesitate to use any drugs if it's the last possible option. I have mixed feelings about using them for those 4 months that I did. I tend to use any and all drugs as the last resort. More so in the last few years. I had tried everything that I knew how, at the time, Anne, to lose the weight. Daily walks, then the running (when I started the appetite surpressant) and I was eating fairly good diet by most standards. I might have taken another path with implementing a plant based, even more whole foods diet like I do now. I do see it as a blessing to me, however. It was able to give me a jump start, if you will, to get to where I could run and have hope that change was possible. The weight loss came about so quickly, but the life long changes and the body weight I hope to have for the rest of my life have been a gradual, long term process.

      I'm sorry that my honesty about the use of an appetite surpressant in the early months of my weight loss journey came as a let down to you.

      I did, am, and will continue to do the best I can with the knowledge I've been given.