Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a celebration getaway :: happy trails in red rock country

Keith asked me if there was something extra special I'd like to do on our little vay-cay.

I told him that I had a hankerin' for riding a horse. It had been so long. Like, since I was ten.

Of course, he agreed that we needed to do it.
He's good like that.

So we arranged with Patty, the horse woman whisperer and guide, to set us out on the trail. She has quite the outfit. I admired her competency and experience with those horses, but especially appreciated her warmth and spunk.   

The day was a hot one, but we didn't mind. Even if it was in the middle of the day. In a desert.

This white beauty I focused the camera on before our ride, unknowingly, was Shasta, who I'd have the pleasure of mounting a few minutes later.

All these horses in Patty's outfit just seemed to go on autopilot. Leading us down the trail like they'd done it a thousand times.

Like they probably have.

Okay, a confession. Kind of had a surreal moment (actually there were quite a few of those moments, to be perfectly honest), where I felt like I was channeling some Old West female ranch hand or one of my favorite characters of all time, the courageous and tough as nails pioneer homesteader Sarah Agnes Prine, from the book These Is My Words.

I guess I was living out some of my fantasies in a way.

The motion of that powerful, yet gentle creature and me just rolling rhythmically along together in a synergistic fashion. (Even though I didn't know the heck what I was doing.)

Looking down at the yucca and other vegetation- delighting to spot a few blooming prickly pear cactus along the trail.

Looking back behind me at Keith so many times, smiling with pleasure at each other and with each other.

The strange, unearthly beauty of those red rock formations.

Laughing while listening to Patty's stories.

The  strange mixture of confidence intermingled with bits of apprehension when Shasta would maneuver us going down a few rocky, sandy hills.

Even those times when she'd stop to pee, or impatiently try to speed up to a trot, ("Whoa, Bessie!) and even those times when out of her desire to itch herself, she'd drag me through a few prickly bushes.

It was all so much fun. I think I loved every minute of it.

Even the sore bum the next day.

Having fun is something I don't experience very often and this satisfied that need I think for the both of us.

It's important, you know?

Well... so long, partner.

Happy Trails to You,
 Until We Meet Again...

(I just had to put that in.)


  1. Hi! You don't know me, but my very dear friend, Ivanna, pointed me to your blog. I believe you know this special friend of mine ;). She has told me a lot about you guys (Gary, mostly, haha) and you all sound wonderful! She thinks very highly of you and loves you very much! I am so happy that she has found you guys. She is a special spirit and and wonderful girl. I know that if she loves your family, you must be, too! I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully meeting you one day!

    her friends in Heber.

  2. Thanks so much for being here, Amy! And thanks for such a kind note. If you are a friend of Ivana's, then I know you are someone extra special. I told her in email yesterday that you were here and she spoke very highly of you. She said we three would make a good friendship.

    And you live in Heber. Did you know I lived there for part of my childhood? That valley is probably my favorite place in the state. Your cozy cabin sounds so appealing.

    Hope to meet you soon. xo