Monday, May 14, 2012

a celebration getaway :: our cozy bungalow

Still coming back to earth after such a happy weekend. Anniversary on Friday, and Mother's Day yesterday. With all the goodness that goes with these two special days, you just can't get any better than that.

Keith and I like to get away alone around three times a year. So grateful we've been able do this over the course of our marriage and that we both have made spending time together a priority.

So Thursday, we decided to head down south this year to a place called St. George. The very southern end of our state, this area is known as Utah's Dixie with it's year round mild climate. So appealing with it's red rock, palm trees, warm weather, and convenient location near such places as Zion's National Park, etc.. Seems like we've always passed through on our way to southern California, but never took the time to stay awhile and explore.

We always like to stay in charming little bed and breakfast inns whenever we go off like this. We were happy to find a little "village" complex of historic homes, each restored and unique.

All around the brick pathways, so much blooming going on- flowers, roses, and flowering bushes (like I remember from Portugal) some of which we don't see up north, especially at this time of the year. This place seems to be a month or two ahead of us in the growing season. Oh, and the smells as we walked around the property... honeysuckle bushes and huge rosemary bushes, like I've never seen before... oh, it was heavenly.

See? Here's some honeysuckle right here on our front porch. It was all over the place.

Neat that we had the whole little cottage to ourselves. A family by the name of Morris lived here after it was originally built in 1879. Thoughts of those seven children tromping up and down the steep, narrow staircase ran through my mind as I, too, made my way up to the bedroom. 

Here's the parlor. Keith and I both like antiques so this really appealed to us.

It was nice so to have so much time together, just us. That doesn't happen a whole lot in the day to day, sometimes hectic lives we both lead. A chance to really connect; focusing our attention on each other. 

A time to relax. A time to renew.

Lots of opportunity for talk on the four hour trip down and back. The freedom of the "no hurry to get back home" feeling that's so typical of our weekly date night.  Eating out at a few exciting new restaurants (including some great vegan eats for me). Talks around the breakfast table with interesting people staying at the inn. Walking around town, and especially enjoying a few historic homes we toured. A stroll through Saturday's downtown Farmer's Market, as well as an antique store on the way back to the inn. And the highlight- our own horseback riding adventure in red rock country.

All of these memory makers, adding a real boost to our relationship.

Come back in the next two days and I'll share lots more.

I love taking pictures, you know.


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day! I admire you put so much time and energy into alone time to protect and promote your relationship. Did you do this when your children were little? I think Marc and I went about 2 1/2 years without going out alone together after my son was born. Not something I'd advise! Your kids are older now, but have the older ones always helped with watching the younger ones?

    1. Thank you, Jennifer.

      You know, going away together didn't happen as frequently when the kids were little as it does now. I do remember one or two times when I was still nursing one of them and that was a little tough. (In more ways than one!)

      Our parents live nearby and they've been so good to take care of our children. And now that they are older, it's so nice that the older ones can help care for the younger ones. I waited so long for that day! They are used to that when Keith and I go out for our date night almost every week.

      I think as a homeschool mom and maybe as a mom of lots of kids, I really needed that alone time with Keith and as a way to find some self nurturing and quiet for myself. Even if it only happens once a year, it's something I always look forward to and really NEED.

  2. Cozy and beautiful! Reminds me of a place close to Manti Temple (A bed and breakfast place I and Alan visited sometime. Not sure tough! Congrats on the anniversary, you both have some many gifts and a pleasure to be around! <3

  3. Now you are in my neck of the woods! I recognized the pictures immediately! Enjoy!