Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gathering, remembering, and honoring on memorial day

It's tradition.
We gather,
forging ties
at that same old park
every Memorial Day for as long as I can remember.
And the potluck spreads out long
as we share, we feast on
Papa and Reuben's jambalaya in the Dutch oven
and even some gumbo,
(a first this year)
in honor of our proud
Louisiana roots.
While Aunt Barbara's Cajun music  
energizing us, reminding us all
where it is
we come from.
Later, the family elders,
Aunt Ione, Papa, and Uncle Cliff,
stand before us
reminding of the importance
of this family,
our ties,
our tradition.
And warm tears are shed,
this heart filled with pride
for this
my heritage.
This strong connection I have,
growing more and more
as I get older
these roots,
where I came from,
who I am.

This day set aside
to gather, to remember, to honor
those beloved whose
legacy, memory, and sacrifice
we love
and will never forget.

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